Match abroad

General information:

This is not legally binding information that we cannot give you because we are not lawyers. You are responsible for knowing and observing the laws of the country you are traveling to for the match and also the laws of the countries you are transiting through on the way to the match.

EU citizens:

You need a valid IPSC license and should have taken out liability insurance for shooting sports.
This insurance is mandatory in Germany and is automatically taken out with membership of the BDS (IPSC Germany umbrella organization for German shooters). You should know better than we do how insurance is regulated in your country.
If you are an EU citizen, you then need the EU firearms pass, which you can apply for at your weapons authority. All weapons that you want to take with you to a match abroad must be registered in this pass. Also the invitation to the match you want to go to and your ID card for cross borders.

Non-EU citizens:

If you are not an EU citizen, such as a citizen of Great Britain, you will need an invitation from the match organizer with which you can then register the transport of weapons and ammunition to the event location with your respective state authority and have it approved. If you are not an EU citizen, please ask your weapons authority about the exact conditions and how long the authority needs for this approval.

German peculiarity:

There is uncertainty about the transport of large magazines (more than 10 rounds of long guns and more than 20 rounds of handguns, as well as built-in magazines above a certain capacity) when traveling through Germany. These large magazines are considered a prohibited item in Germany and may only be used at a match in Germany with a special permit from the BKA.
EU laws take precedence over state laws. There is EU freedom of travel and transit. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you to what extent this could be interpreted by a judge when traveling through Germany.